Club Identity

Club Palmyra focuses on developing players in both a family friendly as well as cost friendly environment.  We work to develop players based on the four pillars of the game (Technical, Tactical, Physical and Mental).  Our program strives to help each player develop to his or her ability, and to achieve his or her individual goals, such as a position on a high school or college soccer team.  In order to emphasize teamwork and discipline, we also set team goals.  These goals are also determined by the abilities of the members of the team.  The league in which your child will play (Heartland or Metro United) will be determined by those abilities, and the environment in which your coach feels will give the players the best possibility to develop.

In the spirit of development, we also fully support an individual's participation in other activities.  We encourage our players to be well rounded and experience other activities.  Soccer is a vehicle in which players learn problem solving, teamwork and goal setting.  Our hope is that our players will carry these attributes to other areas of their lives.

In order to keep our costs down, all of our teams are coached by volunteer coaches.  These coaches have varied levels of experience in the game, but all of our coaches carry at least a USSF State F License.  All coaches understand our club philosophy and will work to develop and inspire each player to achieve his or her goals in a safe and friendly environment.  All coaches share club resources and have access to training sessions and the guidance of a technical director.  The coaches understand that the development of players is a process, and their training sessions are both age and ability appropriate.