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Club Palmyra


Club Palmyra will align with the guidelines set forth by the local government and soccer associations in which we play.  For your reference and convenience we have provided links to these organizations below:

Heartland Soccer Fall 2020 Return to Play Guidelines

Kansas Youth Soccer Association (KSYSA) COVID-19 Updates
Douglas County Health Department

Club Palmyra Specific Guidelines

  • Coaches should immediately notify the club board should any player or player family member becomes sick 
  • Club Palmyra will provide all coaches and players with a re-usable/washable mask
  • Social distancing should be practiced at all training exercises and matches - following guidelines provided above or any specific guidelines set forth by the host tournament or league.
  • All teams are provided with 2 pairs of goalie gloves to eliminate sharing of gloves during a match.  Coaches will sanitize gloves and all other equipment between matches.
  • Recommend not sharing goalie jersey.  Teams should use the player's off-color uniform for the goal-keeping purposes.

Field Status

Open Open

Baldwin High School (10:42 AM | 05/16/21)

Open Open

North Soccer Field (10:42 AM | 05/16/21)

Open Open

Tennis Courts (10:44 AM | 05/16/21)

Open Open

North Practice Field (10:44 AM | 05/16/21)

Open Open

West Practice Fields (10:44 AM | 05/16/21)